3 simple steps to shop in the USA and ship it to your home ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿก

In this digital era, information gets shared really quickly. You can get informed in real-time which are the latest products, stores on sale, where, when and what is worth buying, etc.

The American market is one of the biggest markets with the highest quality from where are come all the new innovations of tech as pc, tablets, phones, cosmetics, fashion, cameras, electric machines, toys, etc. and all the other products with the highest level of technology and knowledge.

On most occasions, if you donโ€™t live in the USA is hard to profit from the sales and offers. BuyToAmerica is a service that offers you the possibility to bring fast and with low cost all the American products you want.

Below you will find the 3 simple steps you have to follow to buy products from the USA and to send them to your home:

1. Get your American address

USA address

Sign Up to buytoamerica.com to get your American address. This address is the address of our warehouse in New York. At the โ€œAddress Line 2: Ste xxxxxxโ€ field, the xxxxxx number is a special number which belongs only to you. You will see its use below.

2. Buy in the USA stores

Stores in USA

Now with your American address, you can buy in any possible store, as you were living in the USA. All you have to do is when you fill the โ€œShipping Addressโ€, to add your American address.
* If you want a product but you donโ€™t know where to find it with a good price, donโ€™t hesitate to contact the BuyToAmerica staff :ย  (Mob/Whatsapp: +1 201 301 7627 Email: [email protected]), we will help you immediately.

3. Pay to the carrier for your shipping

Shipping Step

As soon as the package arrives in our warehouse in New York, our employee registers it on your account at BuyToAmerica site. At this moment you will be notified automatically via email/mobile notification. The packages have the address of our warehouse printed on it. Our employee in USA will establish who belongs the package to by using the unique number in โ€œAddress Line 2: Ste xxxxxxโ€

Select your packages and buy the shipment (with Credit Card/Paypal) so they can arrive at your home. The payment of the shipment is the beginning of the shipping process. So, the packages get delivered at the moment you make the payment and never without your approval (automatically)

You can profit from one of our great services Free Consolidation so you can lower the shipping cost. By waiting that all your packages arrive at the warehouse so you can send them all together at the same time. Your packages can stay at our warehouse for 30 days without you having to pay for anything.


These days the world is going towards globalism where every American product you want to buy, you can easily bring it to your home. So the next time you see a product that does not ship in your country DONโ€™T FORGET you can ship whatever you want with BuyToAmerica.com

Bonus ๐Ÿ˜Š
If this process seems a little bit complicated BuyToAmerica offers to you the service of โ€œPersonal Shopperโ€. This means all you have to do is to pick the products you want and we bring it to your home.

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