Amazon 5 Smart Home products 🏡🛒

Amazon is offering us the opportunity to make our houses “smarter”. You can find a lot of smart pieces of equipment in there which you can incorporate in your everyday life. From microwave, TV, robot vacuum a much more. Each one of these equipments can be controlled by Alexa. In other words, you can make everything work by using only your voice. Alexa is a product from Amazon, and we can say for sure, it is one of the best products out there.

The following products are the latest word of technology. I insure you, you will be wowed by all their great features and the price they come with! But don’t forget, you can find much more on Amazon!

  1. Echo Dot (Alexa) ($49.99) – I’m starting with Echo Dot since it is the main key to technology development. What would you think if I told that you can do every housework with only a voice command?! You can turn on the microwave, turn on and off the TV, etc, etc. Echo Dot is a speaker who works with voice control. All you have to do is ask Alexa for some music, news, information and much more. Also, you can call which one you want and the most important thing is being able to control all your home equipment. Everything only via your voice.





2. iRobot Roomba ($269.99) – I don’t know why I like this much this equipment (that’s why I put it second). Maybe it is because it looks like the vacuum cleaner from Teletubbies. Apart from my childhood nostalgia, this vacuum is the latest word of technology. It can clean all your house thanks to its intelligent sensors. So this vacuum cleaner has high efficiency in collecting all the dirt. And the best thing? You can make it work with your phone or Alexa.







3. Amazon Basics Smart Microwave ($59.99) – How many times it occurs to us, to fall asleep and skip a meal because of being too lazy? I’m guilty too 🤐 This microwave can warm up your food, while you are doing something else. Therefore, all you have to do is to tell Alexa for how long you want to warm up the food you left inside.










4. WiFi Range Extender-N300 Wireless Booster ($28.99) – This little equipment can do such big things. Now you can play your favorite game or watch long videos with the highest quality, wherever you are on your home. It has a lot of super functionalities as a signal booster, wider Wi-Fi coverage, etc.







5. LG 43″ 4K HDR SmartLED ($319.99) – This super Smart TV has all the last word of technology features. Bluetooth’s connection, USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi, Ethernet. And the best thing is you can control it with Alexa. This means you can switch channels, turn the volume on and off as well as turn it on and off only via voice.








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PS: To see how you can make yours all these products, check this post with 3 Simple Steps how you can buy whatever you want in the USA 


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