Back to School Shopping Guide 🎒🚸🛒

School season is almost here and we all know the expenses can be a little bit scary. But as always, I got your back. The best time to buy anything regarding school supplies and save some good money is . . . now.  I did the homework for you (see what I did there 😉) and found the best stores where you can get everything you want and save a lot of cash at the same time. I’ve picked some supplies for you as well as some really great outlet stores.



1. School BACKPACKS:

Walmart has always great deals and the prices of the backpacks are very impressive. With all the patterns and the models, they have to offer I’m pretty sure you will find exactly what you want. I’ve picked 4 models for you so you can see how cool they are.

























How exciting is to be planing the first day of school outfit. I just loved it and used to take plenty of time planing it. I’ve tried to choose some clothing for both genders and all ages but I just couldn’t decide. So I’m sharing with you all the great stores where you can find great deals and sales for Back To School.

Ps: You can find even the other supplies in some of these shops too. So feel free to explore. 😎




6PM is my go-to store when I want a good deal on shoes. That’s why I’ve chosen the shoes from this store check this one out but don’t forget to explore their store too.




















Find all the school supplies you need from the biggest stores:


5. School “Must” ELECTRONICS:

A lot of stores are offering some good tech on great values. Check some of them out.






















We found a great site for you to save some extra cash. Considering the prices these outlets have to offer, your bank account will be more than happy. Check their Coupons and Discount Codes out here


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