For some of us online shopping is a true passion because is often the right solution.: It shortens time, we can access a lot more products than in just one mall, the product we need it can not be found in any store. As well as 8 other really important reasons why you should buy online.

Since is a big facility it gets used by a lot of us. But sometimes we can not make the purchase because we don’t have a credit card, or the store we want to buy from doesn’t allow us to buy something from them, mostly because of the type of the credit card we have.

For this reason BuyToAmerica is the right solution! 😉

Personal Shopper is one of our services. This service offers you the possibility to buy whatever you want and shipping it wherever you are.


  1. You don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is to pick the product you want and we will bring it at your home.

  2. Better offers and a bigger variety of products. Since the products are bought with an american card and the stores offer products with lower prices.

  3. Often the risk of not receiving the product you ordered is high. When you order it yourself you don’t check carefully the reviews of the product or the store you are buying it from.

  4. You don’t have to spend time searching the product you want and than tracking it until it comes to you. 

If you want to buy something online but don’t know where you can find it, don’t hesitate to contact us at +355 67 60 38 190. Our Staff will give you the best suggestions. 

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BuyToAmerica is a trusted and serious partner for all of them who want to buy quality American products and bring them to their homes or business.
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