International Car Shipping from the USA



You have found a great car in the USA, at an incredible price, but you think it must be really complicated and expensive to ship it to you?! Don’t worry we are here to guide you and offer you the Best Service at the Best Price! Take a look to see how easy it is.



I. Documents

These documents are required for car shipping and need to be sent by email:




  1. Bill of Sale – when you purchase a car the seller provides you with this document which includes:
  • The price of the car
  • The seller’s name
  • The buyer’s name
  • The date when the vehicle was purchased








2. Photo of Certificate of Title of the Vehicle (the original should be in the car) – this legal document, which establishes you as the legal owner of the vehicle. The seller must provide you with this document. Without it, your vehicle can not be exported from the USA.

Be Careful!! In some countries are allowed to import only Clear Titles. So you should better avoid Salvage Titles that have the notice “For Auto Parts” or “For Destruction”.











3. Photo of Shipper’s ID CardIn the case where you buy your car on an auction the only ID needed is the shippers one (and in this case the buyer). Otherwise, if you a relative or friend will send you the vehicle, both ID photos, the sender and the receiver.




II. Prices

We can pick-up your car for you from where it is located. Or you can send it to our warehouse located near the port.

-Choose the Body Type of your Car; Sedan, SUV, Van, Lorry, etc.

– Calculate an approximate pick-up price by entering the Zip Code of the address where the car is.

-You will see the closest port to the location of your car so the car shipping costs can be as low as possible.

(Included in the price is even the cost of any document that needs to be prepared and handled on the US port so the car can be shipped).


III. Insurance   

You can have insurance that covers the car shipping damages and total loss.

Insurance depends on the value that you want to insure.

  • The first $500 damage is covered by the client
  • 0-$10.000 is 3% of the value
  • $10.000.01 – $20.000 is 2 % of the value
  • Over $20.000.01 is 1.5% of the value

IV. Payment

The payment for the shipment needs to be done before the vehicle ships in the case when you send your vehicle on to our warehouse located near the port. In the case when we do the pick up for you, the payment needs to be done at that moment.
When the container arrives at your state depending on your port tax policies is calculated the payment for the discharge of your vehicle.



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