Zip Code Albania – Full list of addresses

What is a Zip Code ?

Zip code Albania

A Zip Code or Postal Code is a 4/5-digit number used to identify geographic locations for fast postal delivery and packets in a world-wide area. Whenever you are asked for Zip Code Albania, reading this post will help you know how to fill it out 😉

Do not doubt if you are asked to fill a zip code, postal code or postcode, all of these names are the same. Zip Code is mainly used in USA, while Postal Code and Postcode are used in the UK and other countries.

Often the zip code is required for the data we complete when we want to buy online, or when we send or receive something through the postal service.

The searches people make on google to find the postal codes are different, for example. : albania postal code, zip code albania, tirana zip code or postal code tirane etc.

Zip Code Albania

For easier access to the correct postal code, here is the list of Cities in Albania with the relevant postal codes :

* Click on the specific District you want to find out your postal code.

Would you like to find your postal code with ONE click on the map?

Map with zip codes
Find your exact location on the map to discover your exact Zip Code


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