Each country has a customs agency that determines duties and taxes for every purchase you make. Every international shipment is assessed for duties and taxes. Duties and taxes fees are different for each country, depending on their laws and policies.

Your country's minimal value determines whether you will pay duties or taxes on the shipment you have purchased.

Duties and VAT are calculated by the customs department, based on a formula: a percentage of the customs value of the goods (item + insurance + shipping).

Any duties and taxes on your international shipment will be billed directly to you by the global carrier.

Declared Value of Merchandise

Customs officials use the declared value in the invoice of the item to determine duties and taxes.

Duty/Tax Free Amount (De Minimis Value)

The minimum value is a country-specific value. Below this amount no duty or tax is charged, and there are less clearance procedures (based on the country laws certain products may be subject to other types of fees or taxes). Usually the minimal value is different for duties, rather than it is for taxes.

Keep in mind to select ‘US Dollar Pricing’ while shopping.

Many USA stores offer multiple options in regards of the currency. However, if you select a non-USA currency, the store might apply a less favorable exchange rate to protect itself against fluctuating exchange rates. The end result is that you may pay more than you should for the product.

BuyToAmerica is here to help.

It is important to be well informed and prepared for the duties and taxes before you ship. This will help you to save more time and money. Buy To America will make the process even easier by processing export paperwork on your behalf. We will provide the support you need to get through your local customs requirements.