Restricted and prohibited items

We do everything we can to serve the needs of our customers, but there are still many export laws and restrictions that we must abide. The list below includes items that are either prohibited from international shipping, or require additional documentation in order to get through customs.

Combustibles, Hazardous Materials, and Pressurized Cans

This includes all types alcohol, chemicals, explosives, fuels, fertilizers, hair spray, lighters, matches, nail polish, oils, paints, perfumes, and spray cans of any kind.

Firearms, Weaponry, and Military Equipment

We will not ship any guns, ammunition, gun accessories or gun components, including stocks, barrels, magazines or rail system. This restriction also includes gun replicas and non-ballistic weapons such as blades, knives, swords, bayonets, crossbows, brass knuckles, stun guns, etc. Tactical equipment such as laser sights, night vision optics, handcuffs, restraints, lasers of any kind, GPS devices, metal detection equipment and high-tech surveillance equipment are all prohibited as well.

Food, Drink, Medications, and Agricultural Products

This category includes all perishable foods, coffee, tobacco products, plants, seeds, dietary supplements, prescription and OTC medications as well as veterinary medications.

Jewelry and Precious Stones

Export of some stones is restricted to certain countries. Also, please note that there may be insurance limits on certain types of jewelry. Contact BuyToAmerica customer support for more information.

Government Documents

Government IDs, licenses, or anything appearing to be a government issued document cannot be shipped. Government issued badges, uniforms, or insignias are also prohibited.

Other Items

We cannot ship animals or products made with animal skins. We cannot ship any pornography, lottery tickets, or gambling devices of any kind. Any items without labels that we cannot identify will not be shipped.

What happens when you try to ship something on the list?

If we receive anything on the above list, BuyToAmerica will return the item immediately at the customer's expense if it came from a U.S.A supplier. If the item shipped from an international supplier, the item will be disposed of at the customer's expense. Any testing carried out to determine the presence of hazardous materials on unknown chemicals will also be at the expense of the customer. Please be careful when choosing what you ship. Familiarize yourself with this list, and familiarize yourself with all your country's specific import rules. If you have any questions, please contact BuyToAmerica customer support.