How it works

Book your shipments

Get an US-based mailing address

To shop in USA all you need is an American address. BuyToAmerica can help you with that, as soon as you sign up in our website. Following an easy registration, once you have completed all the steps, we will provide you with your own USA mailing address. You will be able to login into your account, track your packages, and ship them to wherever you are in the world.


Shop at any store in the US

As soon as you get your American address (that actually is our warehouse address), you can start shopping wherever you like in the US. Inserting this address as primary, at the sites you want, you will be able to purchase your goods in the best American stores.


Tell us where you want to ship, and we will help you save money

We will handle all shipping documentation – including labels, commercial invoices customs documents – all you have to do is to provide us with your home address. To lower costs, packing recommendations are provided and the order is dispatched to the carrier, making the whole process a breeze.


Have your goods delivered anywhere in the world

Our BuyToAmerica Team will keep track of the location of your package throughout the whole process. Don’t worry! It is secure! After the package arrives in our warehouse, then it’s all up to you to choose the shipping method. You can have your package delivered all around the world.